How To Fix My Freezer If It’s Cold But Not Freezing

How to Fix My Freezer If It’d Not Freeze? The freezer might have stopped functioning for a number of reasons, from user error to malfunctioning parts. While many parts are easily replaced, others are more complex and require a professional. Before attempting any repair, unplug the freezer and consult the Use and Care Guide to determine which part needs to be replaced. If the problem persists, repeat the process outlined in the Use and Care Guide.

Defective temperature control thermostat or capillary tube sensor

The temperature control thermostat or capillary tube sensor may be defective. These components give power to the compressor. A malfunctioning thermostat or sensor bulb may prevent the compressor from starting. If you can’t identify the cause, you can physically check the components. To do this, turn off the freezer and unplug the compressor and start relay. Shake the compressor to see if it’s working. If it makes clicking or rattling noises, it’s faulty.

Check the evaporator fan

Alternatively, check the evaporator fan. The fan should be located at the back of the freezer compartment near the condenser coils. Make sure that it is blowing air and that the blades aren’t constrained. If you find the fan to be blocked or clogged, you need to clean it thoroughly. Then, place the evaporator panel and the shelving back into place.

The compressor

The evaporator fan is another component that could be the cause of the freezing problem. An overloaded compressor can cause the freezer to not cool properly. Identify the cause and replace the compressor. If this doesn’t help, replace the condenser fan motor. You can purchase a replacement motor from a refrigerator manufacturer or appliance parts distributor. After removing the old fan, you can remove the fan assembly. Remove the mounting bracket holding the old motor. Replace it with a new motor.

Dirty coils 

Your freezer’s internal components may be causing your unit to overcompensate. Dirty coils can make the compressor work harder. Other malfunctioning internal components can cause your freezer to not freeze. It may also be the evaporator fan. If the seal is bent, you can test its function by pulling it out and seeing if it feels firm or tight. If not, you’ll need to replace it.

Faulty motor

If you don’t hear the fan when it operates, there could be an obstruction or something else. Often, a faulty motor is the cause of a noisy refrigerator. To fix a refrigerator that makes excessive noise, try replacing the fan motor. If this doesn’t fix the problem, replace the motor with a new one. You’ll be amazed at how much difference it can make.

Faulty start capacitor

Another common reason a refrigerator may not be working is a faulty start capacitor. This component helps boost the compressor’s power during start-up. If this capacitor is defective, the refrigerator won’t cool. Using a multimeter, test it for continuity. If the start capacitor is the cause of the problem, you’ll need to replace it. You can also check the compressor by turning on the refrigerator.

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